My business partner and I launched an unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign in the winter of 2014.  That campaign must still be visible on the Kickstarter website and this crazy lady apparently trolls the unfunded campaigns in her spare time just so she can send emails like this.

I thought I would share it so she can have the audience she dreamed of and for my fellow parents who have kids with special needs.  Someone always knows better than we do about our own children, don’t they?

My favorite part? Her two opening sentences (and the part about listen to NPR once in a while…just ask my kids…I listen ALL THE TIME much to their dismay).

Screenshot 2014-09-16 07.41.15

Open yourself to the world and you open yourself to the potential of receiving the above.  People are just that nuts and determined to lash out at someone…anyone…even a stranger.  She clearly doesn’t understand our technology and I would venture to guess that if she had a kid with dyslexia, she would toss money at things like colored glasses and vision therapy.  To each his own, Cra-Cra Carole.  Thanks for reassuring me that I am, in fact, the sane one here.


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