Sunday, July 9, 2006

Two funny things I wanted to share…

Phillip recently played at his friend Graham’s house and accidentally (or so he says) brought one of Graham’s toys home, as he had it in the basket on his bike.

“Is that a sword?” I asked of this cell-phone looking device that transforms into some sort of weapon.

Knowing how I can be about weapons, he quickly and emphatically replied, “No, its a wand,” and made me listen closely to the magical wand noise it makes.

“Okay, you sold me,” which he knew meant he passed the test.

Next, Samuel called down to us last night after he went to bed that he had to poop. Okay, call us when you are done we said. He did. I go up to help him (despite the fact that he wants to wipe on his own, he isn’t ready to do that).

We are washing our hands when I see something on his pajama shirt. “Sam, is that poop on your shirt?”

“No,” he replies. “I think it is a gas pain.”

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