Once upon a time this summer I had grape tomato plants that were thriving.

Then, they have become a morning snack for deer.  They snap them right off…

2014-09-25 12.02.08

…and then, poop in the yard.

Why can’t they eat the weeds, or the peppermint I wish I had never planted six years ago (and that despite numerous doses of Round Up continues to thrive)?

2014-09-25 12.02.15

It’s not like I live in the country. I live in a very busy and developed part of town–a suburb built in the 1970s.

Controlled deer hunt needed soon!  One deer can have up to three fawns a year.  I would estimate we see deer at least five out of seven days a week (alive or at minimum, on the side of the road–you know, dead).


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