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When we left off last time, Sam had avoided calling me from the nurse’s office at school.  But, he was still having pain.  And, when I picked him up, he had the sling on, but wasn’t using it.  So glad we took the extra time to get that sling.

After wrapping up a Lego project the other night, Sam came in to the kitchen holding his shoulder again. He said it was getting worse.

Jeff looked, and then had him take his shirt off. Then, my phone rang.   I answered it. It was a work-ish call.

Jeff has Sam place one hand on each side of the doorway to the laundry room and runs him through a serious of shoulder stretches. Sam is moaning in pain. I am sure the person on the other end is thinking my background music is so soothing (or I am torturing small animals).

He then runs his fingers around the shoulder and when I hang up reminds of that time Sam broke his ankle at our neighbors one night. We were over there for dinner and he road his bike down their hilly drive with no shoes, a huge Nerf gun in one hand and probably wearing a cape.

That was my, “Oh, you’re fine” moment. Jeff thought there was something else going on and finally took him to Urgent Care. Broken ankle. I think every parent has at least one story like that. I mean, kids are like the worst wolf-criers on the planet.

As a result, I took him to the walk-in clinic at the sports medicine group at the hospital. If you have boys and don’t know about this place, you need to look one up. So much more effective and efficient than the emergency room.

An exam, a set of x-rays, all inconclusive. He said he didn’t know. Bones looked fine, but his exam showed something was not right. He ordered physical therapy and for Sam to come back in one week.  He gave him a better sling, too and said no hockey this week. Plus, he wrote a note for a ban on band until further notice. No trumpet. He’s most upset about that because he has his first concert coming up.

I asked him if he was concerned it was something more serious and his answer was, “I don’t know what’s going on.” He said we will try these things and see if there is any improvement. If no improvement, then we go to next steps for trying to find the problem.

Meanwhile, it sounds like he wore the sling all day at school. He had scribes in his classes and help carrying books. But, he is home now and I saw him riding his unicycle without the sling. And then, putting up Halloween decorations…using a hammer with this right hand. So basically recovery is going super awesome.

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