Me: How was school?

Andy: Good.

Me: Did you get lots of hugs and kisses?

Andy: No. Oh, mom, we went to the parade today.

Me: The parade? For what?

Andy: To see the clowns….AND I HATED IT!


The Flintstoneā€™s

Andy: Mom, they are watching that movie and I want to watch Handy Manny.

Me: Boys, watch what is on Disney channel please, I don’t want you watching movie with too much action and violence before school.

Sam: Mom, this movie doesn’t have violence. It’s the same people who own that cereal called Fruity Pebbles, only instead of cartoons they are real people.


The Boss

Andy: Mom, can we have ice cream with Wipeout tonight?

Me: Yeah, maybe. I have to ask dad.

Andy: Why do you have to ask dad?

Me: ‘Cause he was in charge today and I have to find out how you behaved.

Andy: But, aren’t you the boss of the kids?

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