Sam recently brought home an entry form for a band competition.

I filled out the paperwork and he took it back to school.

The other day, he asked me when it was and I realized I had forgotten to write the date down on my calendar before I sent the paperwork back.

“I can’t wait,” he said.

“Wow, that’s great! I am glad you are excited about it. Do you know what you are going to play?” I asked.

“Maybe Hot Crossed Buns.”

This is clearly going to be a riveting performance.

“I am only doing it because I want a medal.”

“Oh,” I respond, “Well, you will have to really practice hard because I bet there will be some good players there.”

“No, I’m not worried.  Everyone gets a medal.”

…And this, my friends is why I cannot stand the “Everyone Wins!” mentality.

Our house and all three boys bedrooms are littered with medals, trophies and ribbons.  So much, they mean nothing to my kids.  I find them stuffed in the couch, in drawers, under their beds.

I still have the trophy I got when I played First Baptist Little League. Know why? We earned it (…and it was the only sports trophy I ever received).

3 Thoughts on “Everyone Gets a Medal

  1. What bugs me about it is the awkward grafting of a non-competitive recognition system onto what is still clearly a competition.

    I am *all for* collaborative, non-competitive games and activities for kids, but they should be structured as such from the beginning. This kind of stuff strikes me as just being a lazy, letter-of-the-law solution that helps exactly no one, and are arguably worse than just having the competitive stuff with winners and losers.

  2. And THIS is why, in college today, students confront me with,”What do you mean I’m not getting an A? I worked as hard as , & they got an A! I deserve it! You HAVE to give it to me!” Yes, the “cult of participation” has extended all the way to grades – never mind their work was shoddy, late, etc. They want their “medal” – & I’d damn well better give it to them.

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