#Thinkkit kicks off with a Year in Photos.  If anything, this topic has made me realize I really need to up my photo-taking game.

I started the year with a visit to Philadelphia to see my old friends.


February the boys went to a Pacer’s game with Jeff.  Which means I celebrated a very rare night home alone.


March was spring break with our first trip as a family to Disneyworld.


In April, we were lucky enough to have dinner with Ms. Kate, our favorite nanny of all times!


May was the opening of Devon!


June was a trip to Rochester, New York to hang with the Parmelee family and our first of two trips this year to Lake of the Ozarks.



July was the wedding of my longtime friends Jim and Ray, which included a hot overnight date at the Alexander.


August was the second and final trip to Lake of the Ozarks, marking the end of summer.


September was sports season for all four boys in this family:

Cyclocross for Jeff,


Cross country for Phillip and Sam,



And soccer for Andy.


October was fall break to Asheville, NC.


In November, I took Sam to Rose-Hulman to watch a Freshman class’s end of semester Robot Wars.  He really wants to go to Rose-Hulman.


Today marks the first day of December…can’t wait to see what image captures this month–my favorite month, filled with family, laughs and fun.

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