ThinkKit day 21: What surprised you this year? Was it a jump-out-of-your-seat shocking moment? Learning something new that really flipped your wig? A moment in time that left you speechless? A friend or stranger’s actions that really blew your mind? Leave us slack-jawed and standing silent…or at least thoughtfully quiet for a few seconds!

You know what really surprised me this year?  Disneyworld.imag0217

Honestly, it was one of those things I had put off forever.  I just wasn’t interested and our kids were not in to characters.  Mostly, I put it off because of the crowds. Crowds are a major anxiety inducer for me.  And, Disney is just crowded.

But, life continues to present opportunities where it is important to challenge myself.  This was one of them.

We had not been on vacation for three years.  We really, really needed a family vacation and we needed a big one.  I planned a 10 day trip that included a three day stay at the Polynesian (on property) and five days at a resort (off property).  It was the most wonderful vacation ever. And, I loved Disney.

It wasn’t so much Magic Kingdom I loved, although we did have some fun moments there.  And it’s great to see things you have only seen through the eyes of a child as an adult; the “Kingdom” itself wasn’t as big as I remembered it. It was the experience. Disney is simply all about the fantasy–whatever you want that fantasy to be.

The hotel was beautiful, every detail thought out and anticipated before we even knew we needed it.  The parks so clean and organized. The food so varied and exceptional for a park (I mean, I would have never expected to have couscous as a side at lunch!). We loved Animal Kingdom and also liked Hollywood Studios, but mostly we loved the “experience” and I cannot believe I am saying this…but I am already looking forward to returning one day in the hopefully near future.







IMG_2394 imag0277

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