Okay, something wasn’t right in my last post. I made (another) mistake. I set my steps goal at 1,100 miles. Now, I thought this seemed like a lot of miles, but I calculated it like four times to be sure it was right….and it was still wrong.

I average five miles a day. I wear a FitBit and am obsessed with making my daily goal of five miles or 10,000 steps. So, if I did 5 miles x 44 days that would be 220 miles. This is a big difference from 1,100 miles, indeed. This actually bums me out. BUT! I am not slipping back in to the funk. Instead, I am going to turn this around.

Because this is about setting a goal to reach beyond—something for me to strive towards, something more than just the average day—I am going to set a goal of 300 miles. In the next 44 days, I will log 300 miles on my FitBit.   And, the FitBit is not always accurate. For example, when I log 10 miles on the bike at the gym, the FitBit registers it as only about 1.5 miles (and I wear it on my shoe to catch the motion of my feet). But I am going to go with 300 miles logged on the FitBit.

Now, off to the gym to log the first set of miles and then, back home to start over (again) with a positive outlook.

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