I got in trouble this morning for an email I sent to a client. I just couldn’t help myself when I fired off the email that started a shit-storm last night. I was gently reminded that if I was even the slightest bit emotional when I wrote the email, I probably shouldn’t have sent it. Agreed. I probably shouldn’t have.

But, it’s just such a pet peeve of mine—people failing to take any personal responsibility for their role in an error. Sure, I take responsibility for my part, but…(silence).

To deflect my attention from this recent exchange, I thought I would share some of my other pet peeves.

People who don’t make eye contact

Just so you know, when you walk by me, so close if we extended our arms our hands would touch, and don’t make eye contact, it makes me feel completely disconnected. Look up, look over, and smile dammit. Okay, you don’t even have to smile-nod, blink, something to just acknowledge another living breathing person is near. Sometimes (you know, that “special time” of the month) I have to restrain myself from calling them out on it, waving my hands and yelling, “HELLO.” I bet one day I will.


Is the ground seriously your personal trash can? This one really gets me. It’s just gross. Who does that?!? I do call out to those people, I don’t even try to restrain myself.

Photographs by “photographers” with bad lighting exposure

You know the thing about digital photography? I mean, it’s good and bad, but digital photography has made everyone a “photographer.” But photography is an art form and requires practice and study. My skin crawls when people post their recent family photo session by a “photographer” on Facebook and I see disgraceful lighting.

Stickers on glass and plastic

For the love of God, someone with the patience to do so please remove these from everything everywhere! Including those people who let their kids put stickers all over their car windows.

People who mess up the traffic laws

That is so nice you are letting me turn left in front of you (since you are turning right) but there are rules so we all have the same expectation and right now, you are fucking with those rules.

When you are listening to a song and someone then wants to play their iPod

“Oh I love this song!” and everyone’s jamming out and dancing. “Okay, now I am going to play a song” and someone hijacks the DJ spot, unhooks your ipod, hooks up theirs, shuffles through the songs that they thought would be so great, skipping through them without playing a full one, searching for something super cool. “Nevermind, I just lost my groove.” #partyfail


I mean the kind who cannot even handle you uttering the word fart. The kind that tell their kids to call it a wee wee or a dinky or refer to poop as bowl movements. Come on people, potty humor is funny and if you don’t think so, I am not sure we can be friends. And I am not sure we can be friends if you have to refer to a blow job as fellatio.

Logos created with word art

I think that sums it up. Such a missed opportunity to create a statement with a logo. Graphic design is an actual profession for a reason: because Word Art sucks.Document1

When the buttons don’t match the noise

This drives me IN-SANE. You know when you go to the gas station and push the buttons to answer the questions it asks you before you can pump? OMG I cannot stand it when the beeps don’t match the speed in which I push the buttons. I feel like I might die when I push, push, push then beep. Beep. Beep.

Clipping nails

I don’t think I have to expound on this one. And, I just need to say…it is ALWAYS a man doing it. I have never seen a woman whip out nail clippers at a conference or in a meeting. I have never heard that familiar sound only to turn around and see a woman driving the nail-clipping-ship. What is wrong with men that they think this is okay? Don’t worry, I am training my boys that the only acceptable place to trim nails is in the bathroom. Period.

Artwork hung too high or too low

Really? Google it, people. Artwork should always be hung at 57” (average human eye height) on center. That means the center of the picture or artwork or whatever you are hanging should be at 57”. Now, I give a lot of leeway on this because our houses aren’t galleries. But, sometimes I just can’t even look.

You’re welcome.

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