I am on my way to drop off a kid at soccer and as you pulled out of the driveway, someone pulls up dropping off another kid from cross country.

I roll my window down and thank the person who brought the kid home.  Then, I say to the kid–and this is where it might get tricky:

I am going to call you in a few minutes to get your order. I am bringing Wendy’s home for dinner after I drop him off.”

Now, if you are done judging me for getting Wendy’s for dinner, read on.

I drop the kid off at soccer.  I call the other kid–just like I told him I would.

No answer.

I call the house number (maybe he didn’t know I meant I was going to call his cell phone).

No answer.

I drive a little closer to Wendy’s and call his phone again.

No answer.

I keep driving.  I call again.

No answer.

I call the house phone again.

No answer.

I drive a little more, and I can actually see Wendy’s now.

I call his cell again.

No answer.

Do I:

a) Get him something anyway and if he doesn’t like it, too damn bad?


b) Not get him anything and teach him that when I say “I am going to call” it means he must actually answer the phone?

I am thinking.

I call again.

No answer.

I pull in to the drive thru lane and there are about three cars in front of me.  I listen to their orders (because I love to do that and then judge them).  I move up. Now just one car in front of me.

He calls. I say hello and he says…

“Hi. Did you try to call me?”

Apparently, “I am going to call you in a few minutes” translates to “set your phone down on the kitchen table, get on your bike and ride to a neighborhood garage sale with your brothers and ride to a garage sale down the street to see if they have any junk you can buy.”

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