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I love this guy.

On our 18th anniversary, he was at work and I was doing laundry.

I washed all the towels in our bathroom and you know when you forget you did that and you hop in the shower only to get out and have no towel?

Well, in an effort to help him avoid that, I said, “Fair warning: I washed all of our towels.”

He said okay and acknowledged he would need to grab one in the morning before getting in the shower for work.

“Fair warning,” he says, “I washed the shower curtain.”

“Why does that require a warning?”

“Because,” he says, “just in case.”

It was clear that he was saying that just so I took note of the fact he did something to contribute.

“Dude, there is no warning required. I told you about the towels so you could get one. Not because I wanted you to say ‘wow, she washed the towels’” I said.

“Yeah, I know. Me too,” he said and moved on.


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