The oldest of my three boys is 13…almost 14.  I am so interested in his room–actually, anyone’s room.  Rooms say so much about one’s personality.  I will one day share Sam’s room (which speaks volumes) and Andy’s room (which quietly whispers of his emerging personal identity-finally separated from his brother’s (Sam’s)).  But today, specimens from a young teenager’s room.

First, pre-bed snacks.  Airheads. Finishing off a box he bought at the last day of the pool.  Guards were selling candy at 75% off.  He cashed in.

2014-09-08 07.45.05

Next to the bed, we have the closet.  I am shocked two drawers are closed.  Usually all three are open.  And, look–hangers.  Although, he apparently doesn’t yet know how to use them.

2014-09-08 07.45.24

And here is the hamper.  Dirty clothes should go in here.  It’s open–in fact, it has a large opening perfectly designed to make a “shot” from anywhere in the room.  But, alas, most clothes are NEAR but not IN the hamper.

2014-09-08 07.44.51

On the other side of the bed, there is a chair.  And the chair serves one purpose: to hold clean clothes he hasn’t yet put away.

2014-09-08 07.45.38

Next to the chair, it’s his towel.  I put about six hooks in his room but inevitably, the towel still ends up on the floor.  Because that’s where towels dry best…when you are 13.  And, below the towel, more dirty clothes.

2014-09-08 07.45.34

Open a door on the Ikea cabinet that practically covers one of his walls and you find “the stash” in it’s full glory.  This kid is good.

2014-09-08 07.45.15

Finally, my favorite.  These are the jars he set up to save money for the future.  There is no money in any of the jars, but just look at the tags and it tells you what he wants for his future…his teenage future.

2014-09-08 07.46.10-1


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